Let’s Poison The Chinese!


~ ITEM: Energy-Efficient Lightbulbs Poison Hundreds of Chinese Workers; here’s our back-up copy

~ ITEM: ‘Green’ lightbulbs poison workers. Hundreds of factory staff are being made ill by mercury used in bulbs destined for the West

~ SO LAST TIME I said the curly-bulb thing gets even worser– it does.

Now, I’m as happy as the next guy with miserable Chinese wage-slaves in terrible working conditions being poisoned or killed so I can feel better about the environment and stuff, but still– it takes the gloss off, somehow.

The West has a long history of keeping pollution and cheap-labour offshore, to help provide us with bargain-priced goodies. So it is with some curly-bulbs.

It turns out that behind the bright politically-correct facade of enviro-bulbs, is the enviro-hell where they are made. China.

Every CFL in the world is manufactured in China

How utterly vile of the curly-bulb companies, and how hypocritical of the “Environmentally Friendly’ movement. It almost begins to look like the triumph of appearances over hidden reality, and the very thing that environmentalists attack evil polluting corporations for doing. And here we have General Electric and other companies doing that very thing– except now it’s OK, because it’s hidden?

Compact_Fluorescent_Lightbulbs_(CFL)_#1The Real Cost

Imagine handling a shiny new curly-bulb: each one represents a few micro-grams of mercury and heaven knows whatever other chemicals getting into the body of another human being on the opposite side of the world. Multiply that by hundreds of millions of bulbs.

Slow poisoning. Sacrifices must be made? Feh! To the best of my knowledge, hundreds of people are not now being poisoned by ordinary incandescent bulbs, or LED-light technology.

Quoth The Binks

As I said a little while back on my main blog,

~ I SAY SCREW (or, perhaps, UNscrew) GE and their twisty-bulbs of doom. .and their curly-bulb minions trying to ban incandescent! …

Of course, that people are legislating and bloviating about bulbs to combat the imaginary global warming issue (solar weather, most likely) is the source of the problem, along with deliberately stifling inventiveness and innovation in favour of one moment in a new and still controversial lighting technology. It’s like mandating kerosene and gas-light, and forbidding any new-fangled electrical lighting. Further, if we increased our reliance on safe nuclear technology, the issue of energy wouldn’t be a clean/ dirty debate. And no, all nuclear technology is not the same.

Mind you, bringing all this into the open wouldn’t allow our betters to technologically drive us into the 18th century, to make the world a better place, and to interfere in the smallest and most trivial aspects of our private lives and personal choices. As for me, I’m currently ditching curly-bulbs in frequently used areas, to avoid UV & mercury contamination risks.

Why, it’s the environmentally sensible thing to do, dontcha know.

Assume I’m Wrong

I’m happiest if you don’t take my word for much, and dig into the articles and internet for your own selves. Get educated, pass the word, and write your elected officials (province/ state, and federally). I’m just one person, trying to pass things on for you to use– but you must use them. If I’m terribly, terribly wrong, I want to know that too– but so far, the data seems to be standing up.

In Conclusions

Remember: I put these bulbs throughout my home for 5 years. I still wish they would work as promised, and that I could say only good things about them, because I like saving money on household electricity.

But in Canada & America in the next 2-3 years, these bulbs will be MANDATORY. Start stockpiling boxes of old soon-to-be-illegal incandescent bulbs now. ~


DANGER: Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs



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3 responses to “Let’s Poison The Chinese!

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  2. xanthippa

    Look at the bulbs!

    If you look at them at just the right angle, they look just like the Arabic word for Allah (you know, like the ice-cream cones that were banned from ads).

    Doing this is offensive to people of the Muslim faith.

    We should ban these offensive bulbs.


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