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Eco-Catastrophism & Curlybulbism

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”
— Sherlock Holmes in “A Scandal in Bohemia” (1891)

~ ITEM: Environmentalism Is Murdering Science

~ ITEM: The Age of Catastrophic Thinking

~ ITEM: Talk of China’s green revolution belies its voracious energy grab

eco-feelcrazygreen~ WHEN YOU GO OUT ON A LIMB, then proceed further onto the twig, you’ve left the trunk and any secure connection to solid ground. Despite the social and politically correct pressure to obey and believe the religion-like dictates of environmentalism, the science just in’t all it should be. It’s all still much open to debate: global warming/ climate change; the causes of carbon dioxide increases and decreases in the atmosphere; what to do about any of the supposed problems; whether the scientists can agree on any of it.

Since the 1960’s, we’ve faced an endless kind of apocalypticism from the political left about weather, population, human effects, and what to do. The nature and details of the various proposed crises change, but not the sense of unrest and alarmism.

Let’s Panic, Everybody!

Sadly, it’s no longer about the science– it’a about lining up behind the latest red alert, even if that might change or be disproven or disputed months or years later. Further, the idea that humans are a kind of parasite has taken hold amongst some ecoids, along with enthusiasm for plagues, human extinction, and a general winnowing of the ravening hordes of hairless monkeys that are us, so Mother earth might be saved, restored to her pristine and paradisal state, and a carefully-managed herd of humans might go back to living in caves in accord with nature. The good old days, or a secular Eden.

To this observer, we’re mixing various categories, and ending up with a muddle. Part of the human condition and nature is a discontent, a sense that some things are out of kilter, and that we ourselves are bent, and causing evils. This used to be called original sin, and the answer was heavenly salvation, along with prudence, humility, and a stewardship of nature as God’s own creation, and not merely our pile of stuff to be wrecked.


Sons of Adam, Daughters Of Eve

Technology and human activity is good, bad, and indifferent– sometimes all at once. We bring about the cause and effect of unintended consequences all the time. We imagine we’ve got it all sorted out, but further study and experience may prove us wrong. That’s life. Existence. Billions of years ago, an exploding star caused a ripple of gases and molecules to begin the slow spin into what would become our solar system. Or again, polluting volcanoes fill the air with fumes, and change the earth– but helped create the atmosphere, and soils for life to grow. Humans build cities and change the landscape where once grass and trees grew– and yet, new life congregates in the settlement, and brings about wealth, health, safety, and a community.

Taken at its best, the enviro plea for caution, simplicity, staying mindful of nature, not wreaking havoc through neglect or taking life and God’s creation and human nature for granted– this is worthwhile wisdom. As a pseudo-religion enforcing fictional dogmas and punishing honest disbelievers as infidels and haters?

Not so Much.

Twig December  Kvist desember 2007

Extrapolating From The Extrapolations?

So the alleged ‘science’ behind the enforcement of the current version of compact fluourescent technology? Too much faith, not enough fact, or evidence. Remember: global warming is one theory about observed changes on the earth, as is the supposed relation between Carbon Dioxide and pollution and rising temperatures/ extreme weather.

Not all scientists agree, and many in the know strongly disagree on the interpretation of the evidence, or the cause-effect question. It’s not fact, but A+B+C+D+E= ?, when any part of the equation may be wrong, or different than supposed. It’s to travel trunk to limb to twig to twig-tip.

Giving the monopoly on enviro-curlybulbs to the most polluting nation on earth, so that dirty-energy is used to make them, waste is probably dumped into the environment, and the workers are poisoned? It’s an ironic but telling judgement on the entire madness that is the modern enviro-movement, where appearances of righteousness are more important than reality. ~




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Via A Friendly Site..

.. fresh linkery for this new blog. Many Thanks! Bookmark them and go read everything, and keep spreading the word.

Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Sept. 4th 2009

This week, the endarkenment began in Europe.  The EU’s war on light killed off the 100W incandescent lamp, unless you’re a member of the Hunnish Hoardes.   The new bureaucrat-approved way to illuminate your life is mercury toxic bomb compact fluorescent lamps.  They are dimThey are dangerousThey kill Chinese peopleThey don’t last long. They put good people out of work.  Apart from that, they’re great:

You know whose fault it is that cap and bend over isn’t law yet?  President Obama’s, that’s who.  Wait, what?


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Banning Your Bulbs


What’s Choice Got To Do With It?

~ DOING THINGS OTHER PEOPLE and forcing them to do stuff for their own good– it’s lotsa fun. And if you can be all sanctimonious, plus make a huge pile of money while doing it? Huzzah!

See, curlybulbs bulbs save energy, and that will reduce global warming, and save polar bears & the planet– or something like that. So how can we let little stuff like free will, the market, what people want, the whole story on ‘climate change’, or a less-than-promised poisonous technology get in the way?

Thus, your betters in the North American/ EU nanny-states– with a load of backroom deals with GE, China, and heaven knows who else– have decreed unto the rest of us the lowly  minions, that old-style tungsten-vacuum bulbs will be banned.

Illegal. Verboten. Not for sale on the open market.

clip_image003_0000In some places, the hoarding has already begun. No doubt, a black market will arise, making eco-criminals of honest folk who just want a decent bulb.

2012.. 2013. coming soon, whether you like it or agree or whether the curlybulb technology is safe or the best possible.. or not. Lightbulb enforcement has come to the Western world.


01020160271000UK Schedule

~ EVIL DEATH-BULBS/ GE UBER ALLES! “In the U.S., 78 percent of the public is completely unaware that traditional light bulbs will be phased out in 2012”

Liberals propose thermostat marshal law

~ NY TIMES: Europe’s Ban on Old-Style Bulbs Begins; European Union Begins Ban of Incandescent Light Bulbs

~ ENGLAND– Tunbridge Wells Journal: Holdouts for Humble Bulb Defy a Government Phase-Out

~ European backlash toward incandescent ban!

~ Zoinks! Germans are Hoarding Traditional Light Bulbs.

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The Real User Instructions?

thumbs_upAnd Now You Know!…

With Help From Here, and Elsewhere!

~ CF bulbs tend to overheat when pointed downwards (i.e., in a ceiling fixture). This shortens the lifespan, and may cause the famous and scary burny-smoky-melty super-hot thing. Bulb/ Ballast temperatures may reach 80C/ 180F under such conditions.

~ Too hot or too cold environments will shorten the lifespan, plus– as an added bonus– increase power consumption by CFLs.

~ Using them outdoors year-round in moderate to cool climates will shorten the lifespan.

~ Turning them off or on a lot shortens the lifespan.

~ Using dimmer switches shortens the lifespan, unless they are special dimmer-CFLs.

~ Vibration (as in ceiling fans, porches, near doors) shortens the lifespan.

~ Irregular power levels shorten the lifespan.

~ That whole burny-smoky-melty super-hot thing when they die is “normal”.

~ Some CFL’s have 2-3 mgs of toxic mercury, others, much more.

~ You’re not supposed to throw them out, but have them recycled, according to most jurisdictions and experts.

~ Recycling takes energy, making the CF bulb less cost-saving/ environmentally friendly than advertised. Nobody has worked out how much energy is used in this process.

~ Recycling is paid for by direct charges or taxes, rendering it another hidden tax.

~ Most jurisdictions do not currently have recycling regulations or programs/ facilities capable of handling CF bulbs.

~ Buying these bulbs supports a monopoly for Communist China, a leading abuser of human rights, and the leading polluter in the world.

~ The manufacturing of such bulbs offshore means the price is artificially low, due to poisonous third-world working conditions and low pay. The power used in the factories is most likely from unscrubbed coal-fired generators.

~ Buying CFL bulbs supports GE (General Electric) particularly, since they lobbied vigorously behind the scenes for the U.S. government to legally mandate the unproven technology of CFL bulbs.

~ The entire environmental effect and cost of CFLs from manufacture to recycling to breakages and proper hazmat cleanup need to be assessed, and made public.

~ New incandescent and LED and CFL research and technology may be delayed or cancelled if the current CF technology is mandated. For instance, “A UK firm has developed a bulb that is more than 3 times as efficient as CFL bulbs and will burn brightly for decades. They claim that it will burn for so long that the building or appliance that contains it will wear out before the bulb does”. Of course, GE doesn’t own that patent, nor would they appreciate real competition from a better product.

Human VS Broken CFL Bulb:Glenn Beck Earth Day Special

More soon, bulbaphobic hordes!




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Survey Says….

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Let’s Poison The Chinese!


~ ITEM: Energy-Efficient Lightbulbs Poison Hundreds of Chinese Workers; here’s our back-up copy

~ ITEM: ‘Green’ lightbulbs poison workers. Hundreds of factory staff are being made ill by mercury used in bulbs destined for the West

~ SO LAST TIME I said the curly-bulb thing gets even worser– it does.

Now, I’m as happy as the next guy with miserable Chinese wage-slaves in terrible working conditions being poisoned or killed so I can feel better about the environment and stuff, but still– it takes the gloss off, somehow.

The West has a long history of keeping pollution and cheap-labour offshore, to help provide us with bargain-priced goodies. So it is with some curly-bulbs.

It turns out that behind the bright politically-correct facade of enviro-bulbs, is the enviro-hell where they are made. China.

Every CFL in the world is manufactured in China

How utterly vile of the curly-bulb companies, and how hypocritical of the “Environmentally Friendly’ movement. It almost begins to look like the triumph of appearances over hidden reality, and the very thing that environmentalists attack evil polluting corporations for doing. And here we have General Electric and other companies doing that very thing– except now it’s OK, because it’s hidden?

Compact_Fluorescent_Lightbulbs_(CFL)_#1The Real Cost

Imagine handling a shiny new curly-bulb: each one represents a few micro-grams of mercury and heaven knows whatever other chemicals getting into the body of another human being on the opposite side of the world. Multiply that by hundreds of millions of bulbs.

Slow poisoning. Sacrifices must be made? Feh! To the best of my knowledge, hundreds of people are not now being poisoned by ordinary incandescent bulbs, or LED-light technology.

Quoth The Binks

As I said a little while back on my main blog,

~ I SAY SCREW (or, perhaps, UNscrew) GE and their twisty-bulbs of doom. .and their curly-bulb minions trying to ban incandescent! …

Of course, that people are legislating and bloviating about bulbs to combat the imaginary global warming issue (solar weather, most likely) is the source of the problem, along with deliberately stifling inventiveness and innovation in favour of one moment in a new and still controversial lighting technology. It’s like mandating kerosene and gas-light, and forbidding any new-fangled electrical lighting. Further, if we increased our reliance on safe nuclear technology, the issue of energy wouldn’t be a clean/ dirty debate. And no, all nuclear technology is not the same.

Mind you, bringing all this into the open wouldn’t allow our betters to technologically drive us into the 18th century, to make the world a better place, and to interfere in the smallest and most trivial aspects of our private lives and personal choices. As for me, I’m currently ditching curly-bulbs in frequently used areas, to avoid UV & mercury contamination risks.

Why, it’s the environmentally sensible thing to do, dontcha know.

Assume I’m Wrong

I’m happiest if you don’t take my word for much, and dig into the articles and internet for your own selves. Get educated, pass the word, and write your elected officials (province/ state, and federally). I’m just one person, trying to pass things on for you to use– but you must use them. If I’m terribly, terribly wrong, I want to know that too– but so far, the data seems to be standing up.

In Conclusions

Remember: I put these bulbs throughout my home for 5 years. I still wish they would work as promised, and that I could say only good things about them, because I like saving money on household electricity.

But in Canada & America in the next 2-3 years, these bulbs will be MANDATORY. Start stockpiling boxes of old soon-to-be-illegal incandescent bulbs now. ~


DANGER: Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs


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Surfing Teh Interwebs

Now Where Was I?…

To sum up: our intrepid householder replaced most of his regular bulbs with pricey compact fluorescent ‘curly-bulbs’– some of which then died, broke, or nearly caught fire. Our hero feels puzzled, taken advantage of, and uncertain about the alleged wonder-bulbs. The story continues…


After all of this, all I had was questions– and the internet. I kept my eyes peeled online for curly-bulb stories. After all– maybe I’d just had really bad luck with my particular set of bulbs or home electrical, or something.. or perhaps, the same problems and questions were occurring for others out there.

Boldly onto the interwebs, to see what we can see.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

It took only a few moments on Google to find all of the following, none of which you’ll hear from Eco-people, our government, or even the authorities responsible for such matters. You go to WalMart, buy the nice new curly-bulb to save energy and be nice to Mother Earth or whatever, and suddenly, you’ve left behind the proven & safe technology of old Thomas Edison’s certified tungsten-vacuum lightbulb for…

Are the new light bulbs a health risk? – Health – Macleans.ca

Radiation, you say? Skin Burns & Rashes? Seizures?!

Emissions From Compact Fluorescent Lights – Health Protection Agency, UK, 2008

UV Radiation galore, is it?

The CFL Mercury Nightmare

You can poison your house with one broken bulb?!

“The DEP sent a specialist to Bridges’ house to test for mercury contamination. The specialist found mercury levels in the bedroom in excess of six times the state’s “safe” level for mercury contamination of 300 billionths of a gram per cubic meter. The DEP specialist recommended that Bridges call an environmental cleanup firm, which reportedly gave her a “low-ball” estimate of US$2,000 to clean up the room. The room then was sealed off with plastic and Bridges began “gathering finances” to pay for the US$2,000 cleaning. Reportedly, her insurance company wouldn’t cover the cleanup costs because mercury is a pollutant.”


“As each CFL contains five milligrams of mercury, at the Maine “safety” standard of 300 nanograms per cubic meter, it would take 16,667 cubic meters of soil to “safely” contain all the mercury in a single CFL.”

Face turning pale, dizzy, feeling angry. Are we really getting all the information we need to make a responsible, informed decision about whether or not to introduce this technology into our bedrooms and kitchens, and over the baby-crib?

Cheer up– it gets much worse.

Are Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs Dangerous?

The US-EPA recommends Special Procedures if a curly bulb breaks?!?

Funny, they don’t mention recommended EPA emergency protocols on the box, or commercials, or go-green “We love dem curly-bulbs” advertising, do they? Odd, that.

Good old tungsten bulb breaks, you pick it up, put in a box, throw it out. Scary lightbulb of evil curly-bulb dies, and you got yerself special DIY at-home hazmat procedures, possible mercury poisoning, and a danger to people in your home, especially kids. The following, via the “U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Hazardous Waste Minimization and Management Division“, no less.


Red Alert! Curly-Bulb Down!

“Jim Berlow, director of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Hazardous Waste Minimization and Management Division, recommends….”

  1. starting by opening the windows and stepping outside. “Any problems at all frequently are handled for the most part by quickly ventilating the room,” he says.
  2. “Get all the people and pets out of the room for 15 minutes and let the room air out.
  3. If you have a central heating system or an HVAC [heating, ventilating and air-conditioning] system, you don’t want it sucking the fumes around, so shut that down.”
  4. After airing out the room, the larger pieces of the bulb should be scooped off hard surfaces with stiff paper or cardboard or picked up off carpeted surfaces with gloves to avoid contact.
  5. Use sticky tape or duct tape to pick up smaller fragments; then, on hard surfaces, wipe down the area with a damp paper towel or a wet wipe.
  6. All materials should be placed in a sealable plastic bag or, even better, in a glass jar with a metal lid.
  7. “If it gets in the jar, that’s pretty good containment,” Berlow states. “We’ve found that the plastic bags actually don’t contain any mercury fumes, so absolutely, if you’ve got the plastic bag, get it outside when you’re done.”
  8. Vacuums or brooms should generally be avoided, as they can spread mercury to other parts of the house.

~ Scientific American, April 10, 2008


Feeling Better?

Er.. um– right, then.

News to me. Don’t manufacturers and pushers of curly-bulbs have a legal duty to warn customers about this? Sounds like a class-action suit to me.

If companies have to put “THIS IS NOT A TOY” on all the plastic bags, surely we need hazmat/ radiation/ special procedures/ hazardous waste warnings on curly bulb packages and advertising. Mind you, that would crowd out the green happy messages a bit.

And who told us any of this important information– even in a “by the way” style– along with telling us that these dangerous bulbs would be mandatory in some jurisdictions in the next few years?

What about the disposal of unbroken bulbs? How much mercury is acceptable in our local landfills? What’s the master plan for this?

What if a kid breaks one of these bulbs and gets it all over themselves? Should they be taken to the doctor? What if some of the mercury is ingested? What’s a safe level? Why are we being told to fill our homes with tiny mercury-bombs that have all the other problems being reported in the media, as noted above?

Something stinks about these curly-bulbs. I am browned off.

Stay tuned.. it gets worse.




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