Way Out On A Twig

Eco-Catastrophism & Curlybulbism

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”
— Sherlock Holmes in “A Scandal in Bohemia” (1891)

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eco-feelcrazygreen~ WHEN YOU GO OUT ON A LIMB, then proceed further onto the twig, you’ve left the trunk and any secure connection to solid ground. Despite the social and politically correct pressure to obey and believe the religion-like dictates of environmentalism, the science just in’t all it should be. It’s all still much open to debate: global warming/ climate change; the causes of carbon dioxide increases and decreases in the atmosphere; what to do about any of the supposed problems; whether the scientists can agree on any of it.

Since the 1960’s, we’ve faced an endless kind of apocalypticism from the political left about weather, population, human effects, and what to do. The nature and details of the various proposed crises change, but not the sense of unrest and alarmism.

Let’s Panic, Everybody!

Sadly, it’s no longer about the science– it’a about lining up behind the latest red alert, even if that might change or be disproven or disputed months or years later. Further, the idea that humans are a kind of parasite has taken hold amongst some ecoids, along with enthusiasm for plagues, human extinction, and a general winnowing of the ravening hordes of hairless monkeys that are us, so Mother earth might be saved, restored to her pristine and paradisal state, and a carefully-managed herd of humans might go back to living in caves in accord with nature. The good old days, or a secular Eden.

To this observer, we’re mixing various categories, and ending up with a muddle. Part of the human condition and nature is a discontent, a sense that some things are out of kilter, and that we ourselves are bent, and causing evils. This used to be called original sin, and the answer was heavenly salvation, along with prudence, humility, and a stewardship of nature as God’s own creation, and not merely our pile of stuff to be wrecked.


Sons of Adam, Daughters Of Eve

Technology and human activity is good, bad, and indifferent– sometimes all at once. We bring about the cause and effect of unintended consequences all the time. We imagine we’ve got it all sorted out, but further study and experience may prove us wrong. That’s life. Existence. Billions of years ago, an exploding star caused a ripple of gases and molecules to begin the slow spin into what would become our solar system. Or again, polluting volcanoes fill the air with fumes, and change the earth– but helped create the atmosphere, and soils for life to grow. Humans build cities and change the landscape where once grass and trees grew– and yet, new life congregates in the settlement, and brings about wealth, health, safety, and a community.

Taken at its best, the enviro plea for caution, simplicity, staying mindful of nature, not wreaking havoc through neglect or taking life and God’s creation and human nature for granted– this is worthwhile wisdom. As a pseudo-religion enforcing fictional dogmas and punishing honest disbelievers as infidels and haters?

Not so Much.

Twig December  Kvist desember 2007

Extrapolating From The Extrapolations?

So the alleged ‘science’ behind the enforcement of the current version of compact fluourescent technology? Too much faith, not enough fact, or evidence. Remember: global warming is one theory about observed changes on the earth, as is the supposed relation between Carbon Dioxide and pollution and rising temperatures/ extreme weather.

Not all scientists agree, and many in the know strongly disagree on the interpretation of the evidence, or the cause-effect question. It’s not fact, but A+B+C+D+E= ?, when any part of the equation may be wrong, or different than supposed. It’s to travel trunk to limb to twig to twig-tip.

Giving the monopoly on enviro-curlybulbs to the most polluting nation on earth, so that dirty-energy is used to make them, waste is probably dumped into the environment, and the workers are poisoned? It’s an ironic but telling judgement on the entire madness that is the modern enviro-movement, where appearances of righteousness are more important than reality. ~




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