The Real User Instructions?

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~ CF bulbs tend to overheat when pointed downwards (i.e., in a ceiling fixture). This shortens the lifespan, and may cause the famous and scary burny-smoky-melty super-hot thing. Bulb/ Ballast temperatures may reach 80C/ 180F under such conditions.

~ Too hot or too cold environments will shorten the lifespan, plus– as an added bonus– increase power consumption by CFLs.

~ Using them outdoors year-round in moderate to cool climates will shorten the lifespan.

~ Turning them off or on a lot shortens the lifespan.

~ Using dimmer switches shortens the lifespan, unless they are special dimmer-CFLs.

~ Vibration (as in ceiling fans, porches, near doors) shortens the lifespan.

~ Irregular power levels shorten the lifespan.

~ That whole burny-smoky-melty super-hot thing when they die is “normal”.

~ Some CFL’s have 2-3 mgs of toxic mercury, others, much more.

~ You’re not supposed to throw them out, but have them recycled, according to most jurisdictions and experts.

~ Recycling takes energy, making the CF bulb less cost-saving/ environmentally friendly than advertised. Nobody has worked out how much energy is used in this process.

~ Recycling is paid for by direct charges or taxes, rendering it another hidden tax.

~ Most jurisdictions do not currently have recycling regulations or programs/ facilities capable of handling CF bulbs.

~ Buying these bulbs supports a monopoly for Communist China, a leading abuser of human rights, and the leading polluter in the world.

~ The manufacturing of such bulbs offshore means the price is artificially low, due to poisonous third-world working conditions and low pay. The power used in the factories is most likely from unscrubbed coal-fired generators.

~ Buying CFL bulbs supports GE (General Electric) particularly, since they lobbied vigorously behind the scenes for the U.S. government to legally mandate the unproven technology of CFL bulbs.

~ The entire environmental effect and cost of CFLs from manufacture to recycling to breakages and proper hazmat cleanup need to be assessed, and made public.

~ New incandescent and LED and CFL research and technology may be delayed or cancelled if the current CF technology is mandated. For instance, “A UK firm has developed a bulb that is more than 3 times as efficient as CFL bulbs and will burn brightly for decades. They claim that it will burn for so long that the building or appliance that contains it will wear out before the bulb does”. Of course, GE doesn’t own that patent, nor would they appreciate real competition from a better product.

Human VS Broken CFL Bulb:Glenn Beck Earth Day Special

More soon, bulbaphobic hordes!





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4 responses to “The Real User Instructions?

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  2. xanthippa

    Right on!

    Just keep bringing it on!

    Personally, I like the idea of LEDs – their power consumption is truly negligible and they last for ever….true, some little detailst (like light levels and wavelengths) have to be worked out – but this is ONE of the directions we ought to be looking in.

    I sa ONE OF – putting one’s eggs (or light-bulbs) in one basket is silly. Not only does it reduce customer choices an harms the marketplace by setting up monopolies or their ‘almost-equivalents’, there is the environmental factor to consider. (As in, a REAL one – not a bogus money-grubbing-disguised-as-ecofriendly: that is just ‘green-grubbing’!)

    ‘Mother Earth’ (so to speak) is amazing! She can actually deal with a LOT of pollution and all kinds of bad stuff, scrub it out, break it into componenets and recycle it in the most natural way possible. BUT – it becomes overwhelmed whenever there is too much of ONE kind of pollution….then the system becomes ‘plugged up’…. Therefore, if our energy and product needs are spread over a very wide variety of ‘stuff’ with a wide variety of manufacturing methods and very different pollutants introduced into ‘the system’ in small(er) levels, our environment will be WAY better off than if we just stick with one product, one ‘set of pollutants’….

  3. Good work! I always turn off lights when not in use, so my lights are on and off frequently.

    Also, some other health concerns (besides the potential for turning your home into a toxic waste dump) — UV radiation emitted by CFLs. The UV radiation is low, but can be harmful to those with auto-immune diseases: eg. MS, Lupus, etc.

    I’m with Xanthippa — bring on the LEDs.

  4. I like the theme/template of your site it looks great. Can you tell me where to get it and if you modified it at all?

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